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As one of the leading Italian food and beverage companies in the Canadian market today, our goal at Vero Foods is to empower our clients to take control of their business and launch it into the next level of success. Working side by side with you to navigate through each step of the process meticulously in order to build your Private Label vision from beginning to launch. Offering some of the lowest minimums in the industry, together we can design and launch your very own Italian Private Label Collection.


Our years of expertise have streamlined the rigorous process and include product sourcing, design, quality control and logistics. Our effectiveness combined with your vision we can make your hard work and vision become a household name. 

The Process

Source It

The food industry is saturated with people and companies that come and go. Finding the right manufacturer can be tricky and often costly if you’re steered in the wrong direction as we’ve seen all too often. Vero Foods has taken the time to vet and arrange a reliable network of manufacturers. We’ve handled the difficult, often tedious groundwork and negotiated the best deals, so you don’t have to. The business relationship is everything!

Design It

Whether you have a specific vision you want to see come to life or you’d prefer to leave it in our capable hands; We have the knowledge and experience to bring your entire vision to fruition. In keeping with trends related to branding and marketing, taking into account how your label, name and logo can be branded in order to garner local and international attention. We handle the design work all the way to the printer.


If you have a design team of your own, we are happy to collaborate in order to make your ideas come to life!

Produce It

No matter your market or product niche, Vero Foods is committed to partnering with the most qualified manufacturer for your individual label. With our Italian and Canadian branches working together daily, the overseas management of your product and all its specifications is a crucial part of the process.

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