Vero Foods is an Italian Canadian manufacturer and wholesaler born out of a passion for tasty, healthy, truly Italian food.

We are here to raise the bar and redefine what *good* Italian food means to Canadians.

We manufacture Regal Fresh Egg Pasta in Italy, the jewel in our crown. We could go ahead and brag about how authentically Italian this pasta is, how it is made with world-class technology currently unavailable on the North American market, or how this product achieves the longest shelf-life on a fresh egg pasta yet staying 100% natural, 100% clean and 100% tasty.

But bragging is not what we are all about.

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a fresh pasta manufacturer. We want to take Canadians on a journey through Italy’s long-standing pasta-making tradition, offering a taste of what nonna’s pasta would taste like and showing what it is that makes pasta resonate so much with Italians and the rest of the world.

We are much more interested in building a long lasting bond with families. Be there as you celebrate special occasions, be the quick meal for a tasty lunch or the main course for your personal evening in Roma.

We are raising the bar of what good Fresh Egg Pasta means, and we want you to be there for it.