We here at Vero Foods know that every business and household want to provide their family and customers with real, healthy foods they can be proud to serve. Born out of a passion for all things tasty and truly Italian, our goal is to push the envelope on the expectation of what ‘good’ Italian food means to Canadians like you.


As the leading Italian Canadian wholesaler in Alberta, Vero Foods is delighted to offer 100% natural, delicious and authentic imported food to the table each and every time. Whether you wish to buy in bulk or you’re a one-time buyer, our guarantee is to consistently provide incredible products and excellent customer service.


Regal Fresh Egg Pasta; Our pride and joy. Our Regal Pasta is manufactured using world-class technology not currently available in the North American market, allowing us to achieve the longest shelf life for a fresh egg pasta while staying 100% natural, clean & tasty. We are happy to boast about the ‘Jewel in our Crown’ because this is where it all began for us at Vero Foods. 


Join us on a journey through Italy’s long-standing history of traditional pasta making and learn why enjoying fresh pasta just like Nonna used to make, can resonate with Italians and people all over the world. We are intent on bringing authenticity to our products and building lasting bonds with families everywhere. We want Vero foods to be there as you celebrate a special occasion, to act as the easy go-to meal for a busy family or to bring your Italian dinner night to life.


We are raising the bar on what good Fresh Egg Pasta truly means and we want you to be there with us for the ride.


Our values

Vero Foods is a family-owned and family operated business focused on building lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. These close relationships drive our dedication to excellence in both quality and range of products. 

Our mission

We are dedicated to building strong relationships that will allow us to bring the finest Italian foods to every table in Canada. Through providing individualized service tailored to our customer’s needs, we will continue to meet and exceed all expectations. With a large in-stock inventory of high-quality foods, up-to-the-minute reporting, and on-time delivery, we will consistently provide the best supply chain solutions to satisfy the Canadian market’s need for high-quality Italian food products.